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Sokcho is located in the northeastern part of Gangwon-do. The rough, mountainous regions of Gangwon-do make it one of the most unspoiled natural regions of Korea. The mountain peaks rise as the "spine" of the Korean peninsula, before falling abruptly to the coast in the east. The province is also dotted with many large ski resorts and leisure facilities, and the grassy mountainsides and snow-covered slopes prove to be attractive all year around.

◐ Port & Terminal Information ◑

◎ Berth Specification
- Length: 270m
- Water Depth: 9-13m
- Tidal Range: -
- Berth Capacity: 30,000t, 1 ship/ 20,000t, 1 ship
- Boarding Bridges: -

◎Sokcho Port
•  Location  
Dongmyeong-dong Sokcho city, Gangwon-do
•  Transportation Connections
- By train: Sokcho Express bus Terminal [10min. by car]
- By Airline: Yangyang Airport [30min. by car]           

◎ Contact
Gangwondo Sokcho City
- Tel : +82-33-639-2545
- Homepage :  



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