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Low- to Medium-Priced Accommodations on Jeju-do

The best tourist destination in Korea is no doubt Jeju-do Island, a favorite to both locals and international visitors alike. Only a 50-minute plane trip from the mainland, Jeju’s exotic tropical ambience welcomes visitors the moment they land. In fact, the ambience has made it a popular film location for Korean TV dramas and movies. Major works filmed on the island include ‘My Lovely Samsoon’, ‘Jewel in the Palace’, and ‘Princess Hours’.

Visitors already feel like they are on a tropical if not paradise island once they land with its coconut trees adorning the airport’s exterior and a temperate climate that is unusually warm even in winter. No wonder Jeju-do is a favorite resort area. Tourists visit for various reasons: for their honeymoon, vacation, or even for school excursions. The entire island is a resort in itself with mountains, seacoasts, golf courses, water sports, and bicycling. Throughout the island, a wide variety of accommodation facilities are available including condominiums, hotels, inns and motels to suit every visitor’s itinerary and budget.

How to Get to Jeju
By Air: Fly from Gimpo Airport to Jeju Island
Domestic flights: Korean Air, Asiana Airline, Jeju Air, and Hanseo Air are available.
*International Flights to Jeju:
Jeju – Japan: Tokyo (Narita), Nagoya, Fukuoka, Osaka
Jeju – China: Shenyang (China Southern Airlines)
Jeju – Taiwan: Taipei (Far Eastern Air Transport, TransAsia Airways)

How to Get to Gimpo Airport: From Incheon International Airport, take a shuttle bus to Gimpo Airport. From Seoul, take a limousine bus or the subway (line 5) and get off at Gimpo Airport.
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By Ferry: Take a ferry for Jeju from Busan, Incheon, or Mokpo
Busan→Jeju: Ferry leaves from Busan Ferry Terminal (Fare: 32,000 ~ 75,000 won / Departs at 7 pm – Arrives at 6 am the next day / Takes 11 hours)
Incheon→Jeju: Ferry leaves from Incheon Ferry Terminal (Fare: 53,500 ~ 598,000 won / Departs at 6:30 pm / Takes 13 to 15 hours / Ferry operates every other day but make sure to check schedule in advance)
Mokpo→ Jeju: Ferry leaves from Mokpo Ferry Terminal (Fare: 21,800 ~ 86,350 won / Departs at 08:00, 09:30, 15:00 / Schedule is subject to change on weekends, weekdays and seasons, so make sure to check the schedule in advance / Takes 4.5 hours)
→ Click here for more information on ferries

Local Transportation
* Getting Around By Bus: A limousine bus is the most convenient way to travel from Jeju International Airport to Jungmun Resort. For trips between Seogwipo-si and Jeju-si, take a bus at the Intercity Bus Terminal. Bus fares are based on distance traveled, but the basic fare is 850 won.
* Getting Around by Taxi: For shorter distances, a taxi is more convenient. The basic fare starts at 1,800 won with an additional 200 won per 172 meters. For more convenient sightseeing, visitors can also make a contract with a taxi for 80,000 won a day regardless of the distance. For more information on a taxi tour, inquire at the Tourist Information Center at the airport.
* Getting Around By Car Rental: The preferable transportation option for tourists is renting a car. International travelers must have an international driver’s license. Rental cars are available at the airport, and no prior reservation is required. Fees are hourly, and a wide variety of cars are available from passenger cars to vans. You can choose between LPG or gas, and automatic or manual transmission. Insurance, which can be purchased at the counter, is strongly advised. Cars come with Korean-language GPS navigation, and tourist sites are clearly marked on the navigation.
Low- to Medium-Priced Accommodations in South Jeju Island (Nam Jeju)
The southern part of Jeju is warmer and has more rain in winter than the northern part of the island. Compared to Jungmun Resort or Jeju city, it is less populous and has more natural scenery. Visitors who want to escape congested urban areas and enjoy a vacation come to this area.

The area to the east and west of Seogwipo-si is called Nam Jeju (South Jeju). Located here are Mt. Sanbangsan and Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak. To view the beautiful sunrises and sunsets from Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, an overnight stay in the southern part of Jeju is recommended. On the downside, the area doesn’t attract as many tourists as Seogwipo-si, Jeju city, or Jungmun Resort, so there aren’t many entertainment or convenience facilities.
Seongsanpo Sky Hotel
Located in Seongsanpo at the easternmost end of Jeju, Seongsanpo Sky Hotel has an impeccable view of Seongsan Ilchulbong, Udo Island, and Seopjikoji. The hotel has 26 rooms, with either Western or Korean style that you can choose from. The Korean-style rooms offer a view of Mt. Hallasan, while the Western-style rooms have a view of Seongsanpo Sea, Seongsan Ilchulbong, and the sunrise. The hotel is a particularly good option for those visiting Seongsan Ilchulbong, Udo Island, or Seopjikoji.
Tel: +82-64-1330 (Korea Travel Phone)
Rates: Standard 50,000 won, room with Internet access 70,000 won
Address: Goseong-ri 298-56, Seongsan-eup, Nam Jeju-gun, Jeju-do
How to Get There: Take limousine bus 600 from Jeju International Airport → Get off at the World Cup Stadium → Take a bus for Seongsan Ilchulbong at the Intercity Bus Terminal next to E-mart → Get off at Dongnam 3-way intersection (Samgeori) before getting to Seongsan Ilchulbong) → Take a taxi (a 5 minute ride)
Silver Star Hotel
Located near Mt. Sanbangsan and Jeju Sculpture Park, and the film location of The Great Janggeum, Silver Star Hotel, which has been operating since over 10 years, could benefit from renovation. It is reasonably priced at 30,000 won per night, which is excellent for limited budget travelers. In addition to the great price, it is also easily accessible by public transportation.
Tel: +82-64-1330 (Korea Travel Phone)
Rates: 30,000 won per day
Address: Sangmo-ri 3967, Daejeong-eup, Nam Jeju-gun, Jeju-do
How to Get There: Take bus 100 at Jeju International Airport and get off at the Intercity Bus Terminal → Take a bus for Sangmo-ri → Get off at Sangmo-ri bus stop and take a taxi (a 5 minute ride)
Wahaha Guesthouse
If you are looking for an easygoing guesthouse, this may be your choice. The facility offers three family suites, three regular rooms, and dormitory-style rooms. Regular rooms come with a kitchen and a bathroom, while dorm-style rooms don’t have a kitchen and share a common shower facility.
The guesthouse is located right on the shore, so visitors can enjoy fishing, barbecues in the expansive outdoor garden, or an afternoon nap. No wonder this facility is most recommended for tourists seeking leisure and rest instead of sightseeing.
Tel: +82-64-787-4948 (Korean, English)
Email: (Korean, English)
Rates: Two-story room 60,000 won (4~5 persons), Standard room 40,000 won (1~3 persons), Dormitory 10,000 won (per person)
* Rates are 100,000 won for a two-story room and 60,000 won for a standard room during high season (July 20~August 20)
How to Get There: Take bus 100 from Jeju International Airport → Get off at the Intercity Bus Terminal → Take a bus for Pyoseon → Get off at Pyoseon → Call the guesthouse for pick-up or take a taxi to get there.
Low- to Medium-Priced Accommodation in Jeju City
The commercial centers of Yeon-dong and Tap-dong have many business hotels and motels, and they are close to traditional markets, discount supermarkets, theaters and theme parks. The numerous restaurants, convenience stores, fast food restaurants and coffee shops ensure lots of enjoyment in the evening. The area is particularly popular with young people, and a number of establishments are open 24 hours a day. On weekends, some theaters show late-night movies. Accommodations in this area are particularly recommended to those visitors who want convenience facilities nearby.
Blue Bay Resort Pension
Located 10 minutes from the airport, Blue Bay Resort Inn is a great jumping-off-place for Jeju travelers. Nestled in a beautiful seaside village in Jeju, the facility offers a bird’s-eye-view of the Jeju expansive landscape. This inn is a European-style resort with bathrooms and a kitchenette in each room. The ceilings are high and the facilities are clean, which makes for an open, airy ambience. Guests can relax in the swing near the large garden as they look out at the sea or enjoy barbecue parties outdoors. A highlight of the inn is the free abalone porridge served for breakfast.
Tel: +82-64-713-3577
Website: (Korean, English)
Rates: Korean-style 80,000 won, Standard 80,000 won, Deluxe 100,000 won, Royal 120,000 won (Call for high season rates)
Address: Naedo-dong 333-1, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
How to Get There: Take a taxi from Jeju International Airport (a 15 minute ride)
Hotel Hite
Built in 2004, Hotel Hite is located in downtown Jeju. It offers 40 Korean-style or Western-style rooms, along with a karaoke bar and restaurants in the basement and ground floor. Since local government offices and banks are nearby, shopping and dining facilities are easy to find. Every room is equipped with cherry wood furniture, a large TV, a water purifier and a bidet.
The rooms facing the front offer a view of Mt. Hallasan while those facing the back overlook the sea. For groups of 10 or more hikers, the hotel offers a free shuttle bus to the hiking entrance of Mt. Hallasan.
Tel: +82-64-725-1552
Rates: Double 40,000 won, Standard Korean-style (up to 8 persons) 100,000 won, Standard Korean-style (up to 6 persons) 70,000 won, Business (with Internet) 50,000 won (Call for rates on peak seasons)
Address: Ido 1-dong 1244-7, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
How to Get There: Take a taxi from Jeju International Airport (less than 10 minutes)
December Hotel
Located in Yeon-dong, December Hotel was opened in 2004. Its proximity to the airport makes it a popular destination for business guests. December Hotel offers 35 rooms in total including double, business, twin, and family rooms. There is Internet service in every room, and a wake-up service as well as mobile phone re-chargers. Non-smoking rooms are available on request. As hotel staff members speak fluent English, guests can also ask for useful tourist information at the hotel.
Tel: +82-64-745-7800
Rates: Double 50,000 won, Twin 60,000 won, Business 60,000 won, Family 70,000 won
Address: Yeon-dong 260-58, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
How to Get There: Take bus 100, 200, or 500 from Jeju International Airport (15 minutes) → Get off at Sin Jeju Jewon Apartment bus stop → Walk straight and cross the street at the intersection of Munhwa Color
Wind & Sand Hotel
Located in downtown Jeju, Wind & Sand Hotel offers 30 Western-style, and 10 Korean-style rooms. Room interiors are clean and simple, and include a refrigerator, TV, and air conditioner, and a bathtub. Although Wind & Sand has no special facilities, the downtown location makes it popular with business guests.
The Wind & Sand may not be luxurious, but is clean, well maintained, and a good choice for travelers who want to enjoy a night tour of the city of Jeju. Nearby tourist sites include Udo Maritime Park, Tamla Mokseogwon Garden, and Yongduam.
Tel: +82-64-743-5001
Rates: Weekdays 40,000 won (High season 50,000 won), Weekends 50,000 won (High season 60,000 won)
Address: Yeon-dong 282-8, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
How to Get There: Take a taxi from Jeju International Airport (a 15 minute ride)
Diamond Hotel
Located in Yeon-dong just five minutes from the airport, Diamond Hotel was renovated in 2003. It offers clean, modern rooms, each with a small refrigerator, an air conditioner, and a TV, as well as amenities including soap, skin lotion, toothbrushes and paste. This business hotel offers 35 rooms with beds, a laundry service, and Internet service.
Tel: +82-64-742-7744
Rates: Off-season 50,000 won, peak season 60,000 won
Address: 282-12, Yeon-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
How to Get There: Take bus No.100, 200, or 500 from Jeju International Airport (15 minutes) → Get off at Sin Jeju Jewon Apartment bus stop → Walk ahead and turn left at the second intersection (less than 10 minutes)
Tapdong Motel
The commercial center of Tap-dong has numerous bars and restaurants as well as many motels with decent facilities at inexpensive prices. Tapdong Motel offers a large bathroom, a TV, a refrigerator in each room, and some have free desktops with Internet service. The motel, which features an elevator, has both Western and Korean style rooms. The bathrooms are equipped with guest amenities. Cable TV, including CNN, is available in each room.
Tel: +82-64-723-3600
FAX: +82-64-725-7878
Rates: 40,000 won (High season is 50,000 won.)
Address: Geonip-dong 1369, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
How to Get There: Take a taxi from Jeju International Airport → Pass by Tap-dong Land and get off at Elysee Gung intersection (takes 15 minutes) → Turn into the street between Elysee Gung and Sanjimul restaurant → Pass by the first small intersection and it’s on the right-hand side (a 3-minute walk)
Low- to Medium-Priced Accommodations in Seogwipo area
Jungmun Resort has numerous tourist sites nearby including museums and arboretums as well as a number of deluxe hotels and resorts. The hotel facilities are top-notch and the interior is also lovely. On the other hand, prices can be rather expensive and may exceed the budget of backpack travelers. However, there are also less expensive options in the form of inns nearby, some offering the same ambience and service as the resorts. There are also motels that are even less expensive.
Gasantobang offers uniquely Korean-style accommodation facilities. The traditional ondol floors are constructed with yellow clay, and the interior is built with natural materials such as lava rock and pine logs. Each of the eight rooms is a separate unit. With mushroom shaped rooftops, the units are like small, fairy-tale huts. Because of its uniqueness, Gasantobang has been featured numerous times in both the local and international media.

In addition to the rooms, there is a sauna facility and a restaurant. The yellow clay sauna, open 24 hours a day, is free to its guests. The inn offers free abalone porridge for breakfast to all of its guests, and there are also outdoor barbecues and mandarin orange picking events.
Tel: +82-64-732-2095
Rates: Wonang 89,000 won (Weekend, high season: 110,000 won), Standard 89,000 won (Weekend: 110,000 won, High season: 130,000 won), Deluxe 110,000 won (Weekend: 130,000 won, High season: 150,000 won), Deluxe (2 persons) 130,000 won (Weekend: 150,000 won, High season: 180,000 won), Deluxe (3 persons) 170,000 won (Weekend: 200,000 won, High season: 240,000 won)
Address: Topyeong-dong 3077, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
How to Get There: Take a limousine bus from Jeju International Airport (1 hour, 20 minutes / Fare 4,500 won) → Get off at KAL Hotel in Seogwipo and take a taxi (a 5 minute ride)
Jazz Village
A complex of wooden buildings, Jazz Village is close to Jungmun Resort. Located just off the road, the village offers a total of 40 rooms including 24 single rooms, 5 two-room suites and 11 rooms with two floors. Every room has a kitchenette and a bathroom.

Every season, special events such as mandarin-orange picking and jazz concerts are held. There are also a swimming pool, a children pool, and badminton and basketball courts. There are children’s bicycles and inline skates available for use, free of charge.
Tel: +82-64-738-9300 (Korean, English)
Rates: 50-m2 1-bedroom 100,000 won, 60-m2 1-bedroom 110,000 won, 66-m2 1-bedroom 130,000 won, 76-m2 2-bedroom 140,000 won, 100-m2 2-bedroom 160,000 won, 2-story Penthouse 160,000 won
Address: Sangye-dong 2850, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
How to Get There: Take a limousine bus from Jeju International Airport and get off at Jungmun Resort → Take a taxi (a 10 minute ride)
Hiking Inn
Located near the entrance to Cheonjiyeon Falls and Seogwipo Port, Hiking Inn’s facilities are relatively old. However, it is inexpensive and thus, popular with backpackers. The first floor offers an Internet room and kitchen as well as bicycle- storage and laundry facilities. Each room comes with a TV and a bathroom. The owner speaks fluent English and offers some useful travel tips.
Tel: +82-64-763-2380
FAX: +82-64-763-2381
Rates: 22,000 won
Address: Seogwi-dong 587-15, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
How to Get There: Take a limousine bus from Jeju International Airport (1 hour, 20 minutes / Fare: 5,000 won) → Get off at Seogwipo bus stop → Walk ahead in the direction of Cheonjiyeon Falls and it’s on the right (a 5-minute walk)
Diamond Hotel
Located near the well-known Hamdeok Beach, Diamond Hotel offers a view of the white sandy beach and cobalt blue sea. All Western- and Korean-style rooms come with a TV, a refrigerator, and an air conditioner, and the bathrooms include some basic amenities. These clean, simply designed rooms have wooden floors. Nearby tourist sites, which include Hamdeok Beach, Manjanggul Cave, and Jeolmul Natural Recreation Forest is an attractive reason why guests would want to stay here.
Tel: +82-64-784-7400
Rates: Weekday 30,000 won, Weekend 60,000 won
Address: Hamdeok-ri 1251-10, Jocheon-eup, Buk Jeju-gun, Jeju-do
How to Get There: Take bus 100 from Jeju International Airport → Get off at the Intercity Bus Terminal and take a bus for Hamdeok → Get off at Hamdeok police station bus stop → From there, walk in the direction of Jeju-si and it’s on the right

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