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Low to Mid-Priced Accommodations in Busan
Low to Mid-Priced Accommodations in Busan

As one of Korea’s major tourist city, Busan is the second largest after Seoul, and is always full of foreign tourists and businessmen. Busan was the host city for the 2005 APEC, and has internationally acknowledged convention centers, museums, aquarium, and other cultural facilities attracting numerous tourists each year. Also major attractions in Busan are its many beaches including Haeundae Beach and Gwangalli Beach. Busan is also famous for hosting the Busan International Film Festival, Asia’s largest film festival. Busan’s Nampodong district and Jagalchi Festival provide fun and excitement for visitors all year round. For those who want to stay for a night or two, Busan also has numerous clean comfortable accommodation facilities in various locations.

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Accommodations in the Haeundae Beach District
Haeundae Beach is a popular summer destination in Busan, attracting more than 600,000 visitors each year. Therefore, there are many top class hotels overlooking Haeundae Beach, and duty free shops. Other surrounding attractions include the APEC House and an aquarium. After nightfall, you can enjoy the various snack bars located along the beach coast, and enjoy fresh seafood and drinks.
Or, you can look for some excitement at the hotel nightclubs or bars. You can also enjoy a beautiful night view of Haeundae Beach while sipping delicious tea at the Dalmaji Park, located only ten minutes away by taxi. Across the street from Haeundae Beach, a variety of restaurants are open 24 hours. You can choose to enjoy Western food at Bennigan’s or TGIF, or you can try Indian, Vietnamese, or other cuisines. If you want a simple, quick meal, you can stop by at McDonald’s, or other small restaurants located in the nearby alleys. While you’re in Busan, make sure to try the fresh seafood, especially the live fish dishes.

→ Haeundae Beach
☞ Rord Beach Hotel
click The nine-floor Rord Beach Hotel is a business hotel with a karaoke room, a restaurant, and a sky lounge. It is located between Haeundae Subway Station and Haeundae Beach, and has 62 suites, located between the fifth and eighth floors.
The rooms are equipped with a TV, a refrigerator, a hair dryer, and other basic necessities. The rooms also have a distant view of Haeundae Beach. Rord Beach Hotel is small but clean, and their lobby is especially nice for a small scale hotel with a Korean restaurant on the first floor.

Contact Number
: +82-51-747-9911(Korean, English, Japanese)
Rates: Weekdays 50,000 won / Sat. 60,000 won / Please inquire about their summer rates
Check-in & check-out: 12:00pm~12:00pm
Directions: Take Subway Line No.2 to Haeundae Station and go out of Exit No.3 → Walk in the direction of Haeundae Beach and make a right at the second intersection
☞ Relax Motel
click Relax Motel is located only five minutes from the subway, and the rooms are modern, equipped with large flat screen wall-mounted TVs and DVD players. Also, all rooms have a Whirlpool, allowing guests to have a relaxing bubble bath. This kind of motel is popular amongst young couples.
The rooms are on the small side, but are neatly decorated with wood. The overall color tones are beige, providing a cozy atmosphere. The rooms are also equipped with computers and Internet service. There are two types of rooms, the superior and deluxe, with only about a 10,000 won rate difference.

Contact Number
: +82-51-747-0935 (Korean)
Rates: Deluxe Weekdays: 40,000 won, Weekends: 50,000 won / Superior Weekdays: 50,000 won, Weekends: 60,000 won
Directions: Take Subway Line No.2 to Haeundae Station and go out of Exit No.3 → Walk in the direction of Haeundae Beach and make a right into the second alley
☞ Oshare Motel
click The rooms are located only on floors four to six, with a total of 25 rooms. The room size varies from 2 guests per room to 7 guests per room. The rooms are not as well equipped as other motels, but the rates are the cheapest in Haeundae.
The motel sign is in Japanese, and is easy to find. The motel owner speaks some Japanese. If you are traveling in a group, then this motel offers great rates and location.

Contact Number
: +82-51-746-9129 (Korean, Japanese)
Rates: Weekdays: 30,000 won, Weekends: 40,000 won
Directions: Take Subway Line No.2 to Haeundae Station and go out of Exit No.3. Walk in the direction of Haeundae Beach, located at the intersection of Save Zone
☞ Theme 21 Motel
click Exclusive hotels are not the only places to get rooms with a view of Haeundae Beach. Theme 21 Motel offers a nice view overlooking Haeundae Beach at affordable rates. All rooms are equipped with steam showers and whirlpools. The rooms also provide computers and Internet service free of charge.
Theme 21 Motel has eleven floors that include 34 suites. The deluxe suites and Korean suites are located on the lower floors, but without a view of the beach. If you want a view overlooking the beach, you should stay in the superior suites or VIP suites. The rates are only about 10,000 won more expensive.

Contact Number
: +82-51-747-9021 (Korean, English)
Rates: Weekdays Deluxe: 50,000 won, Superior: 60,000 won, VIP: 80,000 won (For Fridays, an additional 10,000 won, For Saturdays, an additional 20,000 won / summer season rates may differ)
Directions: Take Subway Line No.2 to Haeundae Station and go out of Exit No.3. Walk in the direction of Haeundae Beach → Make a right at Bennigan’s → Walk into the alley and on the right-hand side is the Grand Hotel.
Accommodations in Gwangalli District
Gwangalli Beach has a shorter coastline than Haeundae Beach, but is famous for its beautiful view. The Gwangandaegyo Bridge floating above the ocean waters offers a magnificent view, especially at night. Gwangalli Beach is one of the top three beaches in Busan, along with Haeundae Beach. The surrounding areas of Gwangalli Beach are lined with a wide variety of restaurants. One of the most well liked foods is the bean sprouts soup, popular for its taste and price. You can also enjoy fresh seafood of your choice at the Hoejip Center at Gwangalli Beach.

→ Gwangalli Beach
☞ Hotel Homers
click Located right in front of Gwangalli Beach, Hotel Homers is fairly new, established only two years ago. The rooms are clean and fashionable. With 103 guestrooms in the twenty-story facility, this hotel is Gwanganli’s most popular hotel. Hotel Homers also has a Chinese restaurant, Korean restaurant, sky lounge, and sauna. The hotel also has package specials.
The guestrooms are located from floors seven to sixteen for a nicer view. The resort room on the seventh floor has a kitchen, making it a popular room for family guests. All rooms are equipped with computers and Internet service, and cable TVs. The hotel also provides baby cribs for families with babies.

Contact Number: +82-51-750-8000 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Rates: Weekdays: 72,000~105,000 won / Weekends: 105,000~146,000 won (high-season rates may differ)
Directions: Take Subway Line No.2 to Haeundae Station and go out of Exit No.3. Walk in the direction of Haeundae Beach and make a right at the three-way beach junction (about a 10 minute walk)
☞ Guesthouse 4You
click Guesthouse 4 You offers the cheapest rates in Gwanganli, and the rooms are divided into men’s and women’s dormitories, and twin rooms. The dormitories have six bunk beds, with common shower rooms and toilets. If you want to enjoy a backpacker’s atmosphere in a family house environment, this is the place for you.
You can meet other travelers as well as the friendly owners of this guesthouse. You can use the computer and washing machine free of charge, and the guesthouse also serves a light breakfast of cereal, bread and coffee.

Contact Number: +82-51-753-0280(Korean, English) / Cell: +82-11-9501-3771
Rates: Dormitory: 15,000 won / Twin (1 person): 20,000 won
Directions: Take Subway Line No.2 to Gwangan Station and go out of Exit No.1 → Walk in the direction of Haeundae and make a right at ‘Teolbo Pet Shop’ across the street from Hanseo Hospital → The Guesthouse is on the corner of the alley intersection
Accommodations in the Seomyeon District
Seomyeon is located in the downtown of Busan City, with Lotte Department Store and the 7 Luck Casino, and other entertainment facilities attracting many young people. There are various restaurants, cafes, and bars located behind Lotte Department Store. Seomyeon has convenient transportation services, and is easily accessible to and from various parts of Busan. The newly opened casino is an attractive reason to select Seomyeon to stay in. The European style 7 Luck Casino is located on the second floor in Busan Lotte Hotel, and you can enjoy a variety of casino games in this large facility
☞ Blue Backpackers
click Guests can do their own cooking and laundry at the Blue Backpackers, therefore attracting long-term travelers. This facility has dormitories and twin rooms.
Located in Busan’s Seomyeon, the train stations and bus terminal are easily accessible, along with other convenience facilities. Rates are affordable, and Blue Backpackers also provide a simple breakfast of tea, coffee, and toast. The shower facilities and toilets are communal, and there’s also a TV lounge.

Contact Number: +82-51-634-3962 (Korean, English) / Cell: +82-19-272-3962
Homepage: (Korean, English)
Rates: Dormitory: 15,000 won, Single Bed in Twin Room: 25,000 won per 1 person, Single Beds in Twin Room: 35,000 won per 2 persons
Directions: Take Subway Line No.1 to Beomnaegol Station and go out of Exit No.5 → Walk in the direction of Busan Station and cross over the crosswalk. Then, walk past Chunhae Hospital → Then past the green bridge and go down the staircase of Gyeongnam Apartment → Gyeongnam Apartment Building 106, Room 1802
click Located in the center of Busan, Cityvill is only 30 minutes away from Busan’s major tourist attractions. It is also located near Lotte Department Store and the 7 Luck Casino. Although located in the central downtown area, Cityvill feels more like a condo with rooms equipped with kitchens. The kitchens are equipped with cooking utensils and electronic appliances for guests.
The guestrooms are clean and spacious, and is ideal for those traveling in groups. There are two types of rooms, the 13-pyong rooms and 14-pyong rooms. Long-term stay is possible, and rates are flexible.

Contact Number: +82-51-803-8300
Homepage: (Korean, English)
Rates: 50,000 won per 1 day, 900,000 won per 1 month, 950,000 won per 1 month
Directions: Take Subway Line No.1 to Seomyeon Station and go out of Exit No.7 → Walk past Lotte Department Store and make a left at the intersection → Walk diagonally across the street from the front of Lotte Department
☞ Blooming Motel
click Blooming Motel is decorated with style and taste, making it popular among young couples. The bathrooms are luxuriously decorated with marbles, and the overall white color tone of the rooms creates a cozy atmosphere.
The rooms are also equipped with a large whirlpool, a latex mattress, a steam sauna, a 100 inch TV screen, a DVD home theater, and more. Of course, depending on the room class, you have access to different facilities. The motel also has a pension-style room with two bedrooms and two baths for group or family guests.

Contact Number: +82-51-631-9979
Rates: 40,000~60,000 won (high season rates may differ, make separate inquiries for the pension-style room)
Directions: Take Subway Line No.1 to Beomnaegol Station and go out of Exit No.6 → Make a left toward Busan Bank at the Beomnaegol Rotary → Located in the second alley past Pass Busan Bank (is this the name of the bank?)
Accommodations in the Nampo-dong and Jagalchi Market District
Nampodong is the location where Busan International Film Festival is hosted, and every autumn, top movie stars and movie fans gather here to participate in this exciting event. Across the Nampodong Film Street is Busan’s famous fish market, the Jagalchi Market, and you can enjoy the best quality fresh seafood and also enjoy Korea’s lively fish market sceneries. Also, behind this street is an International Market, which is much like Seoul’s Namdaemun Market, selling various vegetables, fruits, and daily necessities at discounted prices. Also, all over Nampodong district, a large variety of eateries offer delicious seafood, ranging from shellfish to eels. If you want a simple, quick, cheap meal, you can try Chungmu Kimbap.

→ Nampo-dong Street
→ Jagalchi Market
☞ Eliese Motel
clickLocated below Mt. Yongdusan Park from where you can get a bird’s-eye-view of downtown Busan, Eliese Motel stands between Nampodong Station and Jungang Station. It is also a ten-minute walk from the passenger ship terminal, and is convenient for those who plan to board a passenger ship.
All rooms are equipped with steam saunas and water softeners. The rooms are divided into ranks. Rooms with whirlpools and DVDs are an additional 5,000 won, and rooms with computers and Internet service are an additional 10,000 won. Check-in begins at 6pm, and check-out is at noon.

Contact Number: +82-51-241-4008
Rates: Deluxe: 40,000 won, Whirlpool: 45,000 won, Whirlpool + Internet computer: 50,000 won
Directions: Take Subway Line No.1 to Nampodong Station and go out of Exit No.7 → Walk past Woori Bank and make a left onto the street between Tower Hotel and Busan Hotel → Make a right into the first alley
click Phoenix Hotel is easily accessible, located on the roadside, and is one of the most frequented hotels during Busan International Film Festival. It is very close to the Film Street, therefore providing the most convenient access. It is also located only five minutes from Jagalchi Market and is the best place to enjoy the port’s night market sceneries.
Furthermore, there are many entertainment facilities in the surrounding areas, along with many restaurants and convenience stores. Phoenix Hotel is also close to the subway station. The hotel is 16-stories high with 107 guestrooms. Other facilities include a coffee shop, a local products shop, a sky lounge, a singing room, etc.

Contact Number: +82-51-245-3030 (Korean, English, Japanese)
Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese)
Directions: Take Subway Line No.1 to Jagalchi Station and go out of Exit No.7 → Walk straight about 100m
Rates: 95,000~150,000 won (Make inquiries about seasonal rates.)
☞ Busan Tourist Hotel
click All guestrooms at Busan Tourist Hotel are equipped with computers, Internet service, and the TV channels include Japanese, Hong Kong, and Russian programs, making it a favorite hotel for many Asian tourists. Other hotel facilities include restaurants, a cafeteria, a hair salon, a tailor shop, a travel agency, a large sauna, and other convenience stores.
The standard rooms cost 70,000 won whereas the suite rooms cost 90,000 won from Sept. 1 to Dec. 31, 2006. You can also receive 10% discounts for breakfast and at the bakery. Breakfasts are an additional 10,000 won per person. The hotel is small and cozy, and one of its features is its convenient location.

Contact Number: +82-51-241-4301 (Korean, English, Japanese)
Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese)
Rates: Standard: 70,000 won, Suite: 90,000 won (Tax & service charge not included / Rates will be adjusted after Dec. 2006)
Directions: Take Subway Line No.1 to Nampodong Station and go out of Exit No.7 → Walk past Woori Bank intersection, the hotel is to the left
Accommodations in the Dongnae District
Dongnae has many cultural facilities including a cable car station which will take you up to Geumgang Park from where you can see all of downtown Busan, various museums, a botanical garden, an ice rink, and more. However, the jewel of Dongnae district is undoubtedly its hot springs, with the highest level of magnesium, making it Korea’s top alkaline hot springs. Dongnae’s hot springs district is also famous for its capacity to hold 3,000 people at once as Asia’s largest hot springs. There are more than 40 types of hot springs, including an outdoor hot spring. The prices are affordable and the transportation is convenient, attracting numerous tourists.
One of Dongnae’s most famous foods is the Pajeon, made with wheat flour, eggs, and seafood. It delights the pickiest of taste buds and is generous in serving size. Busan’s most famous Pajeon restaurant is Dongnae Halmae Pajeon, located near the hot springs district. Enjoy a relaxing time at the hot springs and recharge yourself with some delicious Bibimbap and Pajeon to make your visit perfect.
☞ Juliet Motel
clickLocated in the Busan Dongnae district, started in 2003, guests who stay here say that Juliet Motel is clean and spacious. There are 36 guestrooms, all equipped with computers and Internet service, offered free of charge. The rooms are divided into VIP, double, and standard rooms. The rooms are very spacious, almost too big for two persons. The bath is not a whirlpool, but is quite large, and there is a separate shower booth.
The exterior of the motel is very extravagant, therefore easy to spot. Pictures of the guestrooms are posted outside the hotel.

Contact Number: +82-51-554-5045
Rates: VIP: 60,000 won, Double: 50,000~55,000 won, Standard: 35,000 won
Directions: Take Subway Line No.1 to Oncheonjang Station and go out of Exit No.1 → Walk in the direction of Myeongryundong and make a right in front of Oncheongyo Bridge
☞ V Oncheonjang Motel
clickThere are 40 guestrooms; all equipped with computers, internet access, and PDP TVs. The floors are covered with marble, giving each room a luxurious feeling. V Motel has 7 other branches in Busan, including a branch in Haeundae.
Each floor is designed under thematic schemes, and the rooms also provide whirlpools, steam saunas, oxygen aroma generators, and more. The VIP rooms have a mini home theater for its guests, which has beam projectors installed to watch movies.

Contact Number: +82-51-553-8701
Rates: Standard: 40,000 won, Superior: 50,000 won, VIP: 70,000 won
Directions: Take Subway Line No.1 to Myeongnyundong Station and go out of Exit No.3 → Walk onto the street between Busan Computer Wholesale Shopping Center (Shinhwa Tower) and Areum Hospital → Make a right at the first intersection → Located in left alley 50m down
☞ Nokcheon Oncheon Hotel
click Nokcheon Oncheon Hotel has a fixed rate of 48,000 won all year round, with 36 guestrooms equipped with western style beds and 54 guestrooms equipped with ondol heating. For computer and internet service, there is a business room on the first floor, along with a restaurant and a café.
The hotel offers fresh hot spring water in every room, along with a small bath to enjoy the hot spring water. The alkaline brine spring water is accessible 24 hours.

Contact Number:+82-51-553-1005
Rates: All rooms: 48,000 won
Directions: Take Subway Line No.1 to Myeongnyundong Station and go out of Exit No.1 → Walk in the direction of Myeongnyundong and make a right in front of Oncheongyo Bridge → Pass the intersection and make a right into the first alley, located behind Nongshim Hotel
Accommodations in the Taejongdae District
Taejongdae, Busan’s No.1 sunrise location, is made of particularly interesting rock cliffs. Also known as Shinseondae for its unparalleled scenery, legend claims a Taoist hermit with supernatural powers once resided here. Also located nearby is a thick forest that is great for scenic walks. The beauty of Taejongdae’s morning sunrise attracts numerous tourists in the early hours of the morning. A theme park and a variety of restaurants are located nearby.

→ Taejongdae Park
☞ Beach Motel
click The Beach Motel is only a ten-minute walk from the famous sunrise location of Taejongdae. The rooms have a beautiful view overlooking the ocean. There are 29 guestrooms, which are divided into bedrooms and ondol rooms. The ondol rooms accommodate up to three persons per room and the bedrooms, which have double beds accommodate up to four guests per room. The rates are low, allowing guests to save money.
There’s a port and a lighthouse in front of the motel, making the night view from the guestrooms even more picturesque. The motel is also conveniently located for guests wishing to enjoy the sunrise at Taejongdae.

Contact Number: +82-51-405-3331
Rates: Ondol weekdays: 40,000 won, weekends: 45,000 won (Up to 3 guests per 1 room) / Bedroom weekdays: 35,000 won, weekends: 40,000 won (Up to 2 guests per 1 room) / Double bedrooms weekdays: 40,000 won, weekends: 45,000 won (Up to 4 guests per 1 room)
Directions: Take bus No.88, No.101, No.135, or No.135-1 at the bus stop across the street from Busan Station → Get off at Taejongdae Park and walk in the direction of Taejongdae Park
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