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Experience Hanok in Andong
Recently, many Koreans and foreign visitors have been gathering in Andong to spend a night in the traditional Korean way in old traditional Korean houses, known as ‘hanok’. The nobilities formerly inhabited these houses. Andong is well known as the district where Confucianism and nobilities flourished. Hence, Andong has many of the old nobilities’ homes still standing, which provides the perfect place to visit if you want to experience what it’s like to live in a ‘hanok’. To help you plan your visit to Andong, we will introduce some of Andong’s famous hanoks that are open to the public.
● Experience Traditional Korean Culture at Jirye Art Village

Attendance of
Jirye Art Village
Memorial Service
Jirye Art Village is owned by Kim Weon-gil, and is located about 10km from the national highway. Jirye Art Village overlooks Imhahoe Lake, with a picturesque mountain in the background, secluded as an island. A walkway surrounds the houses of Jirye Art Village, and you can also go mountain climbing. Due to the construction of the Imha dam, the original location of the village was threatened and almost was submerged. Hence, it was relocated to its current location, and became a breeding ground for artists’ creativity.As a result, Jirye Art Village has attracted numerous literay figures and artists. Jirye Art Village is also the most famous old traditional Korean house village amongst foreign visitors and many tourists come here to experience ‘hanok’.
A variety of activities are offered to visitors that allow them to experience Korean traditional things. The owner Kim Weon-gil is the head of the Uisong Kim clan, and as his responsibility, he oversees many ancestral family rites that are held throughout the year. If you visit Jirye Art Village when the ancestral family rites are held, you can watch the ceremonies and taste the foods offered as a part of the rites. As for the rest of this year, there is one rite that still remains which is on Nov., 24, 2005. However, if you happen to miss this ceremonial rite, a variety of traditional cultural activities are held all throughout the year. Therefore, you can check the official website or make inquiries via email or phone before visiting to make your stay more enjoyable and fulfilling.

● Detailed Information
Tourists at lunch of the Jirye Art Village
Address : 769, Bakgok-ri, Imdong-myeon, Andong-city, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Accommodations : A total of 14 traditional Korean houses are available to visitors. Starting from October of 2005, the accommodation rates became ₩20,000 per night per person. (No separate rates are available for students or children to prevent damages of cultural artifacts. Children of 4 years or younger can stay for free.) From Nov., of 2005, each room will have individual quotas. The new rates have not been confirmed as of yet, however it is estimated to be ₩40,000 per night for a 2 person room (there are 7 houses of this kind), and ₩80,000 per night for a 4 person room (also 7 houses are available).

Room Types : All rooms do not offer beds since the rooms are traditional Korean rooms. Cushions to sleep on, pillows and covers are available. Common toilet and shower facilities are offered in Western style, with a total of 6 toilets and 5 showers.
Food : ₩6,000 (1 serving / Korean food / You must inform how many meals and servings you will require when making reservations for accommodation. Reservations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all possible.)
Languages : English (Village Chief: 016-502-2590), Japanese (Chief’s son: 010-9979 -2590), French (Chief’s sister: 011-9000-4279).
For Inquiries : +82-54-822-2590 (English, Japanese) / 016-502-2590 (English, Japanese)
Reservations : Reservations can be made via Internet or email. E-mail:, Japanese)
Information Required for Reservations : Duration of Stay, Number of Visitors, Number of Rooms, Numbers of Meals & Servings, Contact Number, and E-mail Address.
Homepage, Japanese / English, Japanese reservations available on website)
Note : Since all facilities are made of old wood, there is no cooking allowed in the rooms. Also, no pets are allowed in the rooms.
Directions :
1, From Andong Inter-city Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for Jinbo and Youngyang. Get off at Imdong. The bus ride takes about 20 minutes. The bus fare is ₩1,800. From Imdong, take a taxi to Jirye Art Village run by Jujin Supermarket, located about 50km from the bus station. A taxi ride takes about 25 minutes, and the fare is about ₩15,000 (estimated fare from Oct., 2005).
2, From Andong Station to Jirye Art Village by taxi costs about ₩30,000 (from Oct., 2005) and takes about 40 minutes.
3, If you tour the surrounding area of Andong before going to Chirye Artists’ Colony, the Village Chief can pick you up around 5 PM, and give you a ride for free.
● Photo Gallery of Jirye Art Village
● The Beautiful Landscape of Suaedang
Suaedang is located near Imhaho Lake, which is surrounded in peace and quiet. The nature surrounding the lake is famous for its natural beauty. Suaedang is already popular amongst foreign visitors which spread quickly from word of mouth. Among those who lodge at Suaedang, 10% are foreign visitors.
Suaedang is proud of their architectural designs from the late period of Chosun Dynasty, and was relocated to the current location due to the flooding of the Imha dam in 1987. There are 11 rooms made of yellow earth, and is heated with a fireplace. The rate of each room is
determined according to the size, location, and condition.
If you visit Suaedang in the autumn season, you can see ripe red persimmons that are ready to be picked. Suaedang has renovated its kitchen and bathroom facilities into a modern style for more conformability and convenience for its visitors.

● Detailed Information
Address : 470-44 Sugokdong, Imdong-myeon, Andong-city, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Rates : Sarangang ₩90,000 (for 2 persons / 1 room) / Junganbang ₩60,000 (for 2 persons / 2 rooms) / Junganbang ₩70,000 (for 2 persons / 3 rooms) / Jakeunbang ₩40,000 (for 2 persons / 5 rooms)
* Additional Guests: ₩10,000 / 1 Adult, ₩5,000 / 1 Child
Breakfast : ₩5,000 / 1 serving / Korean food
Room Type : All rooms do not offer beds since the rooms are traditional Korean rooms. Mattresses to sleep on, pillows and blankets are available. Public shower and toilet facilities are available, modern style.
Language : English, Japanese.
Reservations : +82-54-822-6661(English, Japanese) / mail to:
Note : All facilities are made of old wood. Therefore, no cooking is allowed in the rooms.
Directions : Bus – Take a bus from Andong Inter-city Bus Terminal, bound for Jinbu, Youngyang, and Imdong. Get off at Imdong Station. Bus ride is about 25 minutes, and the fare is ₩1,800. Take a taxi from Imdong Station to Suaedang.
Taxi fare is about ₩2500-₩3000 (from Oct., 2005).
Taxi – Fare is about ₩18,000-₩20,000 fare (from Oct., 2005).

● Photo Gallery of Suaedang
● Imcheonggak, Conveniently Located
Imcheonggak, located near Andong City, is the birth home of Lee Sang Ryong, the historical figure who dedicated his life to Korea’s independent struggles during Japan’s reign. He is also the head of his clan. During Josun Dynasty, to prevent too much extravagance among the people, a law prohibited civilians from building houses with more than 100 rooms. Thus, as a civilian, Lee Sang Ryong’s hanok complex was built with a maximum of 99 rooms. However, only about 50 rooms remain today, for during the Japan rule a railway was laid down passing through the very center of the hanok complex.
Before the railway, the complex faced the Nakdonggang River, located at the foot of a mountain, exquisite for its beautiful scenery. Today however, the railway stands in between the complex and the river. The Andong dam has also been built. As a result, the view is obstructed and not as scenic as it once was. Regardless, the complex still offers the elegance and tranquility felt only in very old homes, and is an ideal place for relaxation. Its location, which is nearby Andong City offers the comfort of an easier access to other tourist sites.
● Detailed Information
Address : 20 Beopheungdong, Andong-city, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Rooms & Rates : Small Room ₩50,000 (for 2 persons / 5 rooms available ) / Mid-sized Room ₩70,000 (for 4 persons / 1 room available) / Large Room ₩100,000 (for 6 persons / 2 rooms available) / ₩200,000 per night in Kunjajung, the National Treasure, 182
Breakfast : ₩5,000 (1 serving each)
Room Type : All rooms do not offer beds since the rooms are traditional Korean rooms. Mattresses to sleep on, pillows and blankets are available. Public shower and toilet facilities are available, modern style.
Language : Korean
Reservations : +82-54-853-3455 (Korean / Contact +82-54-1330 for convenient reservations)
Note : All facilities are made of old wood. Therefore, no cooking is allowed in the rooms.
Directions : Take a taxi from Andong Station or Andong Inter-city Bus Terminal. Taxi fare comes to about ₩1,500, which is the basic fare.
● Photo Gallery of Imcheonggak
Date   02/12/2008

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