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Jjimjilbang, More Than Just a Sauna
Hsin-Yi, a Chinese in Korea, experienced the unique jjimjilbang culture of Korea. Jjimjilbang(a Korean sauna) is a place where one can relax and perspire in heat generated by heated jade, ocher, and charcoal. Jjimjilbangs use thermo-therapy causing the body to perspire, excreting internal wastes and toxins, increasing metabolism and relaxing the body. Hsin-Yi wanted to take a bath, perspire, and relax leisurely. Here’s an account of her interesting jjimjilbang experience.
[Just a second! What exactly is Itaewon Land? ]

Itaewon Land is a jjimjilbang opened in 2003 in Itaewon, which is a popular destination for foreigners in Seoul, Korea. Visitors are easily drawn by its outside appearance in the traditional style of hanok(traditional Korean house) as well as its interior design. In addition to a number of thematic sweat rooms, the facility also has a DVD theater, PC room, comic book room, health room, skin care room, Korean restaurant, and coffee shop, which make it a great place for relaxation and entertainment.
•▫•▫Hsin-Yi talks about her jjimjilbang experience on a Friday night.▫••▫
06:00 First, I took a bath; 07:00 I sweated in the ocher room, charcoal room, and other thematic sweat-rooms. After trying out the hot rooms, I wrapped up my sweating session in the cold room;
09:00 In the PC room, I wrote e-mails to my parents and friends in Taiwan; 08:00 I read comic books and played board games;
10:00 I watched TV and movies in the DVD theater and TV room; 10:30 I was a little hungry so I ate bibimbap(mixed vegetable and boiled rice with hot pepper sauce) and sikhye(rice punch);
11:00 After the meal, I felt drowsy so I took a nap in the sleeping room.
The Best Facilities
1. Naengbang (cold room): Snow flakes fly from above the room. After sweating in the hot room, I cooled down in this cold room. I could almost feel my feet frozen. It was really cool. ^O^

2. Bul Hanjeungmak Room: This room is heated using pine and black oak trees. I really perspired profusely. In just a few minutes, my entire body was soaked in sweat. ^-^

3. Sports Massage Room: My body was stiff because of stress, but the massage really soothed me.

4. Comic Book Room: I spent about an hour reading comic books and playing board games. How time flies~.
[What Hsin-Yi thinks about Itaewon Land ]
There are many foreigners! The facility is great! And it has many auxiliary facilities! And many places to shop nearby!
This is a big facility with many auxiliary facilities, so it is very convenient. Opened recently, it is overall very clean. The hot Bul Hanjeungmak room, the sleeping room with individual partition, and the cold room with artificial snow made from underground water are great.
The admission fee and the price of auxiliary facilities are a little bit expensive. The health room, DVD theater, and sleeping room are free. There is a price for the PC room, comic book room, and singing room.
There is a restaurant and a coffee shop. In the restaurant, you can eat Korean food like kimchi soup, soybean soup, bibimbap, and seaweed soup. The taste is average; and the price is between 5,000-6,000 won.
Service Information in English, Japanese, and Chinese is available at the entrance.
Today, Hsin-Yi spent 62,500 won.
Admission 10,000 won + Clothes rental 2,000 won + Sports Massage 40,000 won + 3 comic books 1,500 won + PC room (1 hour) 2,000 won + Bibimbap 5,000 won + Sikhye (rice punch) 2,000 won = 62,500 won
[More Information]
Operating Hours:24 hours a day (If you spend more than 12 hours, 2,000 won is charged for every additional three hours)
Website:, Japanese)
Entrance Fee: 10,000 won, Clothing rental 2,000 won (20% discount for children 4-7, free for children under 4, 40% discount for residents of Itaewon
*(Itaewon residents are required to make a card in advance)
Inquiry: Korea Travel Phone +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Itaewon Land +82-2-749-5115 (Korean)
Transportation: Take subway Line 6 and get off at Itaewon Station. Exit 3. It takes 5 minutes by walk.
Date   04/18/2006

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