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MIZY Center
Susan often shops in the Myung-dong area. Just recently, she heard some great news. Here she can enjoy low-cost Internet access, look through free magazines and books, use board games, or browse through the latest exhibits on display. The MIZY Center is a haven from the downtown hustle and bustle of city life. It is a great place to escape to and learn more about other cultures and people. Susan visited the MIZY Center to find out all that it has to offer.
What is the MIZY Center?
The MIZY Center was founded as cultural center for youth by the Korean Commission for UNESCO in May 2000. At the Myung-dong Info Zone of Youth, the acronym is MIZY there is an internet café, resource room (including books, board games, CDs, etc.), seminar rooms and performing arts area. The center holds monthly exhibitions and events with the goal of achieving a deeper understanding of all cultures and bridging the gaps that divide people. Furthermore, the center offers youth the chance to use their creative juices by letting them create their own activities and clubs. Such activities include a hip-hop class, plays, and photography group.
6 ways to have a good time at the MIZY Center

If there is only 500 won in your pocket, the internet café at the MIZY Center is the place to be!

There are many internet cafes scattered throughout the Myeong-dong area, but the MIZY Center will most likely be the only place were you can surf the interest for only 500 won. Visitors are permitted to use the computer for a one hour period. If there aren't people waiting for computers, an extra hour is allowed for no additional charge. With around 30 PCs, there isn't much waiting. All computers are equipped with Korean windows and several have the option for English or Japanese windows (ask someone at the front desk for more information) making it easy for foreigners to use. Visitors can enjoy surfing the web, gaming, and other fun computer activities, as well as the use of printers and scanners.
Want to stay up-to-date on current events and other issues? Take a look at one of the many free magazines and newspapers!

The Mizy Center has over 250 magazines in English, Korean, and Japanese. Reader's Digest, The Oprah magazine and other famous foreign magazines are available. The center also has Korean magazines covering a wide range of topics including Korean film, sports, fashion and more. If you are shopping in Myeong-dong and need a place to take rest, this is the ideal place to relax with your friends.
Feeling a little bored? Try a board game!

If you don't have anything to do for the afternoon, how about playing a board game on a comfy sofa. In the resource room, you may use board games free of charge. There aren't many games available here, but for those new to the world of board games it will surely suffice. Some of the games include Torres, Settlers, Samurai and Halli Galli.
See festive exhibits and learn about various cultures.

Every month, the Mizy Center displays a new exhibit. Events and parties are held to celebrate each exhibit. In November, visitors can enjoy taekgyeon (Korean martial art), talchum (traditional Korean mask dance), butgeulssi (calligraphy), and samullori (Korean percussion) with a performance of "Arirang Hanmada." In December, while learning about the Russian culture, visitors were able to take part in an international party titled "Annyeong Matryoshka" sample food that originated along the Silk Road, try on costumes from the Silk Road region, and enjoy performances celebrating the Silk Road. The MIZY Center offers exhibits for everyone!
Learn hip-hop and make friends.

The Mizy Center is a cultural center directed towards promoting the exchange of ideas between youth, but people of all ages are welcome. Therefore, the center offers a wide range of lively programs with multi-cultural themes. The MICC (MIZY International Culture Club) brings together the youth of Korea with people from all across the world with clubs like Hong Kong club, Hip-hop club, and many more. The center is always open to new ideas and invites people to create their own unique club.
Do you have a group meeting or discussion group with some friends? Try out one of the seminar rooms!

At the MIZY Center, small and medium sized groups can rent seminar rooms. Groups of up to 40 people can have meetings or seminars in the larger seminar rooms. There are smaller seminar rooms available for groups of around 15 people. The seminar rooms are conveniently equipped with a TV, VCR, movie screen, audio equipment, table and chairs. Whether you are having a group meeting with some friends or want a place to study, MIZY would be a good place to visit.
Susan's top 3 reasons to stop by the MIZY Center
1 Being in Myeong-dong, downtown Seoul, there are plenty of thing to do nearby: shopping, dining, or watching a movie. Close to public transportation!!!
2 Good place to stop in for a quick look online. Can't beat the price of only 500 won!
3 Good place to pop in while waiting for your friends downtown. You can pass the time by looking through some magazines or newspapers.
More Information
Hours: 9:00 a.m. ~ 9:00 p.m (internet café hours: 1:00 ~ 9:00 p.m.)
Closed : Mondays
Ages: Korean: 9-24 years old, Foreigners: 9 years and older
Homepage: (Korean)
Transportation: Take subway line 2 to Euljiro-ipgu Station and go out exit # 5, followed by a 10 minute walk. You will find the MIZY Center on the 2nd floor of the UNESCO house.
Date   04/02/2004