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In Korea, the beauty of the 4 seasons spring, summer, fall, and winter can each be appreciated for their own merits. After the passing of spring, summer, and fall, Korea is transformed into a snowy wonderland. During the winter season, many start turning their eyes to the ski resorts. Korea’s ski season is from November to early March the following year and for skiers, nothing is more eagerly anticipated.

There are thirteen ski resorts in Korea. Each resort continuously updates its facilities for a safe but exciting skiing and snowboarding experience for their guests.

Something else not to be missed in Korea's winter season are the hot springs tours. Hot spring spas are distributed all over the country. A day or an evening spent soaking in hot springs and availing of the plethora of health facilities installed in these spas not only relieves stress but also serves as a fun, healthy travel experience. Some hot spring theme parks provide one-stop accommodations and entertainment for a relaxing winter vacation experience.

We hope that you'll find the winter of your dreams this year in Korea.

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