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 Light Festival at The Ansan Starlight Village Photo Land (안산 별빛마을 포토랜드 빛축제)
 Period: 01-01-2016 ~ 05-31-2017
 Region: Gyeonggi-do
  Starlight Village Photo Land is a newly remodeled section in Provence Village, a tourist attraction with a French ambience. With grapes ripening under the sun, and fields full of lavender, a unique cu...  
 Bucheon Aiins World - World Nightview Fantasy Lighting Festival (부천 아인스월드 빛축제 - 세계야경 판타지 빛축제)
 Period: 01-01-2016 ~ 12-31-2016
 Region: Gyeonggi-do
  Aiins World, the world's best miniature theme park is hosting the second season of 'World Nightview Fantasy Lighting Festival'. Located in Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, the theme park is easily accessible ...  
 Cheongdo Provence Starlight Fairytale Town Lighting Festival (청도프로방스 별빛동화마을 빛축제)
 Period: 03-19-2016 ~ 03-31-2017
 Region: Gyeongsangbuk-do
  Experience Cheongdo Provence Photo Land's Starlight Fairytale Town at night during the Lighting Festival. Children will enjoy seeing life-sized fairytale characters, while adults will enjoy the romant...  
 Chuncheon Lake Starlight Nation Festival (춘천 호수별빛나라축제 2016)
 Period: 04-30-2016 ~ 12-31-2016
 Region: Gangwon-do
  To commemorate ten million visitors to Chuncheon since the beginning of operations on the Gyeongchun Line, Chuncheon Lake Starlight Nation Festival will be held in the area of Chuncheon MBC Building a...  
 Dong Gang International Photo Festival (동강국제사진제)
 Period: 07-15-2016 ~ 09-25-2016
 Region: Gangwon-do
  Dong Gang International Photo Festival offers various exhibitions and educational programs to develop the Korean photo industry in Yeongwol, Gangwon-do to become the main area for photography. Also, i...  

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