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 World Nightview Fantasy Lighting Festival at The Bucheon Aiins World (부천 아인스월드 빛축제 - 세계야경 루미라루체 시즌2)
 Period: 01-01-2016 ~ 12-31-2016
 Region: Gyeonggi-do
  Aiins World, the world's best miniature theme park is hosting the second season of 'World Nightview Fantasy Lighting Festival'. 1:25 scale models of famous architectures are installed with 'interactiv...  
 Yangpyeong Strawberry Festival (양평딸기체험축제)
 Period: 01-01-2016 ~ 05-29-2016
 Region: Gyeonggi-do
  Yangpyeong, located in the middle of the Korean peninsula, is surrounded by several mountains including Youngmunsan Mountain and the Namhangang and Bukhangang River. The Yangpyeong Strawberry Festival...  
 Gyeongnam Goseong Dinosaur World Expo (경남고성 공룡세계엑스포)
 Period: 04-01-2016 ~ 06-12-2016
 Region: Gyeongsangnam-do
  Gyeongnam Goseong Dinosaur World Expo has been held in the area of Danghangpo Tourist Site from April to June since 2006. The events run until 10 pm throughout the expo period. The festival operates v...  
 '2016 Welcome to Joseon' Korean Folk Village Joseon Live Variety Festival (한국민속촌 조선문화축제 웰컴투조선 2016)
 Period: 04-09-2016 ~ 06-12-2016
 Region: Gyeonggi-do
  The best cultural theme park in the nation, the Korean Folk Village is hosting the '2016 Welcome to Joseon' Korean Folk Village Joseon Live Variety Festival from April 9 to June 12, 2016. It is t...  
 Gochang Green Barley Field Festival (고창 청보리밭축제)
 Period: 04-16-2016 ~ 05-08-2016
 Region: Jeollabuk-do
  This festival is held every year in April amongst the beautiful green barley fields of the Gochang-gun region. The Gochang Green Barley Field Festival is the region’s most popular festival and was vis...  

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