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Doota (두산타워)

Doota (두산타워)
Doota (두산타워)
Doota (두산타워) Doota (두산타워) Doota (두산타워) Doota (두산타워) Doota (두산타워) Doota (두산타워) Doota (두산타워) Doota (두산타워) Doota (두산타워) Doota (두산타워) Doota (두산타워) Doota (두산타워) Doota (두산타워) Doota (두산타워)
275, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 중구 장충단로 275 (을지로6가)
Type / Products
Shops/Malls/Fashion apparel, bags, shoes, accessories, etc.
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-2-3398-3114 +82-2-3398-2386 (Reception & Information Desk), +82-2-3398-3333 (Customer service)
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
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Doota is a fashion mall full of trendy fashion items including designer shops, select shops, luxury brand stores, cafes, and restaurants. Doota is a one-stop shopping center, providing unique, high quality products at reasonable prices under the motto of "Fast & First."

Doota is visited a large number of foreign visitors compared to other shopping malls, with 55,000 local visitors and 10,000 foreign visitors a day. Services for foreign tourists include an information desk (1F) that provides information in three foreign languages (English, Japanese, and Chinese), money exchange (1F), Tax Refund office (5F), souvenir shop (5F), and storage lockers (B2). They also give away coupon books, which can be used at shops popular among foreign shoppers, and souvenir gift kits.
Detailed Description of Product Offerings
With the concept of Fast & First, Doota sells chic and unique clothing at reasonable prices. There are famous Korean designers' second brand shops, and a number of shops by designers who have won fashion designer contests.
Operating Hours
Sunday-Thursday: 10:30-00:00 (next day)
Friday-Saturday: 10:30-05:00 (next day)
Opening Date
February 28, 1999
Store Information
8F: Restaurants
7F: Food court
6F: Mom & kids
5F: Accessories, beauty & souvenirs
4F: Men’s wear, designer zone
3F: Luxury items, bags & shoes
2F: Young career
1F: Designer gallery
B1: Young casual, Dooche (young designer zone)
B2: Sports, outdoor & casual
Please refer to its official website.
Parking Facilities
1,300 parking spaces (B3-B6)

Parking fee
First 30 minutes: 2,000 won
Every additional 10 minutes: 1,000 won
Convenient Facilities
Information desk (1F), money exchange, tax refund (5F), souvenir shop (5F), roof garden (8F), clothing repair (B2), baby stroller rental, customer service center, kids cafe, packaging service, flower shop, etc.
Facilities for the Handicapped
Reserved parking spaces, restrooms, elevator
Storage Lockers
Available (B2)
Assistance for Foreigners
English, Japanese, Chinese (1F, Information desk)
Credit Cards
Baby Stroller Rental Services
Available (1F, Information desk)
Not permitted
Certification Period
1) Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station (Subway Line 2, 4, 5), Exit 14 (Good Morning City, APM, Migliore direction).
2) Dongdaemun Station (Subway Line 4), Exit 8.
Cross the street and walk for 130m to arrive at Doota.

[Bus] Get off at the following bus stops located closest to the shopping mall.
Jongno 6-ga: Blue bus 0212, 2014, 2112 / Green bus 100, 101, 201, 260, 270, 271, 370, 721
Cheonggye 7-ga: Circular bus 01 / Green bus 163
Dongdaemun: Blue bus 2012 / Green bus 105, 152, 261, 420
Dongdaemun History & Culture Park (across the street): Blue bus 0013, 0212, 2012, 2014, 2233 / Green bus 101, 105, 144, 152, 261, 301, 420 / Red bus 9205, 9403, 9410
Euljiro 6-ga: Blue bus 2014 / Green bus 101, 152, 261, 500, 507 / Red bus 9205, 9403, 9410
Dongdaemun History & Culture Park: Blue bus 0013, 0212, 2012, 2015, 016, 2233 / Green bus 105, 144, 152, 261, 301, 302, 420, 500, 507 / Red bus 9205
+82-2-3398-2386 (Reception & Information Desk),
+82-2-3398-3333 (Customer service)

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