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Gwongeumseong Fortress (설악산 권금성)
Gwongeumseong Fortre...
Gwongeumseong Fortre...
Gwongeumseong Fortre... Gwongeumseong Fortress (설악산 권금성) Gwongeumseong Fortress (설악산 권금성) Gwongeumseong Fortress (설악산 권금성)
1091, Seoraksan-ro, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do
강원도 속초시 설악산로 1091 (설악동)
Palaces/ Fortresses/ Gates
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Gwongeumseong Fortress is the site of a castle ruins called Mt. Seoraksan, and it is also known as Mt. Onggeumsan Castle, or Toto Castle. It is located on the steep Dol Mountain of Mt. Seoraksan Sogongwon area. It is believed to have been built by the 23rd King of the Goryeo Period (918~1392), Gojong (1213~1259 reign). It is also called Gwon-Kim Castle, as there is a legend that two generals named Gwon and Kim, built the castle to avoid war.
At the left side of Sogongwon, past the Biryonggyo Bridge over the ravine, there is a path which leads to Gwongeumseong Castle, but it takes over an hour of travel through a steep, rocky path (2.5km), so cable cars are used. The cable car was installed by Dr. Gi-Sup Lee in 1971 and is still used by many tourists. It is operated from 7 a.m. to 6 or 6:30 p.m., departs every 7 minutes, and you can only purchase round-trip tickets at the ticket counter for that day. At the plateau of Gwongeumseong Castle there are 80 sections of rocks and you can see the East Sea and city of Sokcho. Also, to the west, you can see all kinds of fantastic rocks and stones which make up the Seoraksan Mountains.
+82-33-636-7700, +82-33-636-4300
Hiking Course
* Sogongwon Park → Cablecar → Gwongeumseong : 1.5 km, 30 mins
Operating Hours
From 2 hours before sunrise to 2 hours before sunset
Admission Fees
Cable car
Adults (ages over 13) 8,500 won / Childeren (ages 4~13) 5,500 won
※ Free - ages under 3
※ Depending on the season and weather, operating hours are subject to change. Visitors should call in advance.(033-636-4300)
Parking Fees
[Fixed Fare]
2,000 won for Light-weight car
4,000-5,000 won for Mid-sizedㆍSmall car
6,000-7,500 won for Large car
How to Get to Sokcho from Seoul
1. Go to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (Gangbyeon Station of Seoul Subway Line No.2, Exit 4) → Take a bus bound for Sokcho (Time it takes: 3hrs/ First bus at 06:25, last bus at 23:00 / Runs 49 times daily.)

2. At Gangnam Express Bus Terminal (subway line 3, Express Bus Terminal Station), take a bus to Sokcho. (Time it takes: 4hrs. / First bus at 06:30, last bus at 21:00 / Runs 27 times daily)

How to Get to Gwongeumseong from Sokcho
1. From Sokcho-si, take city bus No. 7 (15 minute interval / 25-30 min ride). Get off at Mt. Seoraksan Sogongwon (small park).

2. From Sokcho-si, taxi takes 15-20 min to the entrance of Oeseorak.

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