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 - Oseam
- Genre Animation
- Director Seong Baek-Yeob, Yang Jin-Cheol
- Cast -
- Certification For all ages
- Production Date 2003
- Runtime 75 minutes
- Trailer/Homepage

A five-year-old child, Gil-Son, and his blind older sister, Gami, are out looking for their mother. It's late autumn and the leaves are already blanketed with fall's colors. Gil-Son and Gami meet a Buddhist monk named Seol-Jeong on the road, who invites them to stay at the temple for the winter. Gil-Son soon gets bored and runs a muck in the temple, and is sent to an isolated Buddhist temple with Monk Seol-Jeong, where Gil-Son learns to open his eyes and heart. Since Gami is afraid that she will not be able to recognize her mom when she finds her, Gil-Son decides to teach his sister how to see with her heart.
View Point

Jung Chae-Bong is the author of the 1986 tale, and 1990 film under the same name. The animation is the sequel to the 1990 film. This is the tale of Gil-Son and Gami's adventures as they meet a squirrel, a shaggy dog, and Buddhist monks while they search for their mother. The producers of come together once again to illustrate the story of a five-year-old boy's innocent-natured heart. The animated film took 1,500,000,000won (est. $1,600,000) to make, and was digitally produced to bring the settings of Mt. Seolak, Mt. Baekdu, and Gwaneumam to life. The soundtrack was sung by Yoon Do-Hyeon and Lee So-Eun, and the film brought in an estimated 100,000 viewers on opening day. The film also won the grand prize for the short films category at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival.
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