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Prohibited & Restricted Items

All items entering or leaving Korea must go through inspection. Some items are strictly prohibited in all places and at all times, while others are restricted only on board a flight. Also, animals, animal products, plants, fruits and soil may be quarantined, depending on their origin, description, and condition.

For detailed information:

Korea Customs Service

Incheon International Airport

Animal & Plant Quarantine Agency: (Korean, English)

Animal Quarantine

All live animals and animal products entering Korea must be accompanied by valid quarantine or heat treatment certificates issued by the country of departure. All import animals and animal products must be declared and inspected upon arrival, otherwise they will be sent back or destroyed, respectively. For detailed information on animal quarantine, please contact the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency and or the airport quarantine office.

• Items to be declared/investigated

  • - Meat and poultry items including beef, pork, lamb, chicken and etc.
  • - Processed meat such as ham, sausage, beef jerky, marinated beef (e.g., jangjorim), any processed goods including canned products.
  • - Deer antlers, bones, horns and tusks and other bone related items.
  • - All whole, egg whites, dried and powdered egg, and all other egg products.
  • - Cheese, butter and all other diary products.
  • * If carrying livestock products or similar items, you must present a receipt or other document proving that the product was approved for export (e.g., A health certificate issued by exporting country. A vaccination certificate required by relevant regulations or by animal health requirements agreed with exporting country). If the proof is deemed disqualified, your items will be seized or disposed.

• Inquiries for animal quarantine

  • - Animal Quarantine: +82-32-740-2660~1
  • - Export/Import Animal Quarantine: +82-32-752-1271~2

Plant Quarantine

Plants, fruits, vegetables, seeds, orchids, nursery stock, cut flowers, soil and items of a similar nature must be declared and be inspected upon arrival.

• Items to be declared/investigated

  • - Fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, seeds, kernels, sapling, bulbs or tubers, roots, nuts, dried or fresh agricultural products, medical herbs and various other related plant items.
  • * Plants previously made into processed food and/or cooked items, such as kimchi (fermented cabbage) and tteok (rice cake), are exempted from the inspection.

• Restricted imports

  • - Fresh fruits and fruit vegetables and other restricted items.
  • - Plants attached with soil (those in which organic matters such as peat moss, coco peat and bark are decomposed or corroded and plants placed in the matters used for plant cultivation are also included) and plants mixed with other import-prohibited items.
  • - A live pest, insects and bugs (including the ones treated as pets).
  • - Plant bulbs for breeding, seedling of fruits, vegetables, nuts and other plant.

• Inquiries for plant quarantine

  • - Import Plant Quarantine: +82-32-740-2097
  • - Export Plant Quarantine: +82-32-740-2077

More rules to follow on Animal∙Plant Quarantine

☞ Website: Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency (Korean, English)

<Last updated on August 12, 2015>

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