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[Korea] Four Best Hangang River Bicycle Courses Revealed

Four bicycle courses around Hangang River have been selected as the courses that provide the best Hangang River experience on a bicycle.

The Nanji Bike Park - Banpo Hangang Park course remains one of the best bicycle courses around Hangang River. In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature, bicycle riders can experience all of the special features along the course, including unique bicycle-riding in Nanji Park, the Friendly Trail in Mangwon Park, the view of the twilight and Bamseom Island from Mapo Bridge, the open field and fountain of Yeouido Park, and the cafés on Dongjak Bridge.

Next, the Gwangnaru Hangang Park - Banpo Hangang Park course lies adjacent to the river, while the Gangseo Marsh Ecological Park - Nanji Park course runs through a dense reed forest. Last but not least, the Hangang Park Loop Course starts at Gwangjingyo Bridge, where Riverview 8th Avenue, the only under-bridge observatory in Korea that was featured in the Korean drama “Iris,” is located, and goes through Korea’s first bicycle theme park in Gwangnaru.

Visitors without their own bicycles may rent and return them at any of the 12 bicycle rental shops set up in 11 parks along the river. For instance, a bicycle rented at the shop in Ttukseom Island may be returned to the shop in Gwangnaru Hangang Park. Payment for a bicycle rental can be made either in cash or credit card. International visitors must show their passport or alien registration card before renting a bicycle. Should the rental bicycle break down, call Dasan Call Center (120), and the SOS team will be dispatched to fix it.

☞ Recommended Hiking Courses
1. Nanji Bike Park - Banpo Hangang Park (16㎞)
Mangwon Park Mapo BridgeYeouido Hangang Park → Dongjak Bridge → Banpo Bridge
2. Gwangnaru Hangang Park - Banpo Hangang Park (15㎞)
Gwangjingyo & Gwangnaru Bike Park → Yeongdong Bridge → Dongho Bridge → Hannam Bridge → Banpo Hangang Park
3. Gangseo Marsh Ecological Park - Nanji Park (14㎞)
Gangseo Marsh Ecological Park → Yanghwa Bridge → Seonyudo Island Nanji Park
4. Upper Region of Hangang Park Loop Course (15㎞)
Ttukseom Hangang Park → Gwangjingyo Bridge → Gwangnaru Bike Park Amsa Ecological Park → Jamsil Bridge → Ttukseom Hangang Park

☞ Bicycle Rental Shops
Yeouido (2 sites) / Ttukseom, Banpo, Mangwon, Nanji, Jamwon, Jamsil, Gwangnaru, Ichon, Gangseo, Yanghwa (1 each)

☞ Rental Hours & Fees
09:00-18:00 (All year round)
Regular single-seat: KRW 3,000 per hour
Regular double-seat: KRW 6,000 per hour
Premium single-seat: KRW 6,000 per hour (Currently available in Yeouido, Ttukseom and Banpo only)

☞ Bicycle Rental/Repair Inquiries: +82-2-416-4440 (Korean, English, Chinese)
☞ 1330 tt call center: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
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Courtesy of: Bicycle Div. Hangang Project HQ, Seoul Metropolitan Office

Date 04/20/2011